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About Event Watch

ICT CARTíS EVENT WATCH is a revolutionary solution that brings uniqueness, orderliness and colour to your event. We employ the use of High Definition (HD) digital cameras for monitoring different sectors, within and outside, your event hall.

These cameras then records and displays the video feeds (of happenings around the event hall) on crisp TV screens placed at comfortable viewing positions for your guests.

Distant guest can also attend your event over the internet! Our solution gives certain special guests, friends and business partners (who are unavoidably absent on your special day) the opportunity to see the event 'live' over the internet.

We also provide a customized web platform ( e-gifts can be purchased for event hosts.

Simply put, we enhance your guests' comfort at every event!


Problem Worth Solving

Comfortable viewing screens for guests: guest would no longer need to strain their eyes or themselves in attempt to see fun happenings or key presentations during events.

Invitees can join events online: Our solution provides options of viewing events or seminars live, over the internet.

Provision of e-Gift Vouchers: Event host(s) can specify their choice gifts (a wish list). These gifts are then advertized on our online shop for guest to purchase and we will subsequently deliver the gifts to the host(s).

Letís make your guests feel real special as we add colour to your event.
Tel: 09099-159-338 |01-295-7175.